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When looking for building blocks toys for a child, safe, high quality toys are what matters.There are a variety of toys on the market and the selection can be confusing. Manufacturers make new toys with great ideas but the bottom line is, the basic block toy is what will last throughout a child’s life and if purchased with thought, can be given to other children and grandchildren when it has been outgrown. It is not necessary to read a publication from the International Toy Research Association to find the right toy but a little common sense and thought will go a long way in choosing the right toy for your child or as a gift.

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Toy building blocks have been around since the dawn of time and children of all ages have been drawn to their timeless fun. Of course, building blocks can be made out of wood, foam or plastic and come can come in a variety of shapes and sizes so the variety is quite wide. Block toys may not have the technical sophistication of many toys out on the market today but, one must consider how this simple concept toy promotes the growth and development of the “whole” child. By using unit blocks, a child uses muscle movement, hand-eye coordination, discovery, coordination, cooperation, socialization and many, many more benefits.

Building blocks also give parents and gift givers a big bang for the dollar because often times, children continue to grow with them. Toddlers and infants enjoy the simplicity of gripping and touching textured blocks. As toddlers develop advanced muscle control, they will stack, combine and lineup the blocks. As a child enters the “twos” and “threes”, the first attempt at building will begin and fantasy play will be recognized.

According to many child experts, after the age of the four and early primary grades, children will use blocks to build towns and structures like the places they live. At about three, kids will learn how to balance and put pieces together to make sturdier buildings, enclosures and bridges. At this time, they will often times begin to recognize patterns and designs where eventually their buildings represent “Art.” Good quality building blocks will give children years of playtime fun because they will be used in different play time “schemes” as the child grows older.

Basic, simple toys requires a child to use more cognitive skills and because of the toys simplicity, will receive hours of playtime fun instead of hours of mind-numbing television watching and video games.

Allow me to introduce to you just a couple of very popular building block toys out of the huge assortment available out there:

Giant Building Blocks

Giant Building Blocks

These big bold building blocks are primarily made of lightweight corrugated cards but will hold up to intense play. These award winning blocks are often seen in classrooms around the world because they wipe clean and are safe for children from ages 18 months to six years. Read the comments on Amazon.Com so that you can get a feel for what other parents and teachers think of these toys.

Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks

Standard Unit Blocks

These toy wooden blocks are a hit with parents because they stand up to years of use, provide hours and hours of creative fun and are a value as well. The smooth sanded block set also comes with a handsome wood crate for easy storage. This crate measures 12.5 x 15 x 5.25. The blocks are manufactured with 100% hardwoods with no fillers, dyes or other chemicals. This one feature alone would give any parent piece of mind

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